The Learning People is a leading provider of education services focusing on the IT and technology sector. With more than 25,000 students globally, The Learning People helps young people of all skill levels accelerate their career in IT and technology through award-winning training, teaching and career services.

The Learning People helps to fill the gap between the demand for qualified IT professionals and the pool of young people who are looking to forge a career in the sector. By developing customised learning pathways, Learning People students are able to acquire the skills, qualifications, and accreditations needed to help them secure their first IT job, or to progress their IT career. Alongside delivering core training content, the additional services that the Learning People provide to students, including dedicated tutoring and teaching, a StudentCare team, and a careers advice service helps to provide further support and certainty that students achieve their goals. Learning pathways are offered in all key areas of technology including coding, cybersecurity, project management and IT.

Learning People students graduate with accredited, industry-recognised qualifications, which help accelerate and future-proof their careers in a sector rich in opportunity. The IT education and training market is enjoying unprecedented levels of growth, fuelled primarily by the acute worldwide skills shortage for qualified candidates to fill the increasing volume of IT roles which is forecast to continue for at least the next five to ten years. With revenues of £16m, The Learning People has been enjoying record levels of growth as increasing numbers of young people are looking to acquire the skills needed to help them develop a career in technology.