We are a closely knit team who have worked together for many years

We are very lucky to have chosen to work in an environment with people we like, trust, and enjoy being with. And that is also what we look for in our investments. Having an open, transparent, and trusting relationship with our CEOs and management teams allows alignment, and alignment always leads to better investment outcomes.

Between the Cow Corner Partners we combine proven investment experience with operational nous. As Partners, we are the largest investors in the Cow Corner fund, and we all get involved in all our investments which provides maximum support at each stage of the cycle. That said, we all know what our individual strengths are (and what they are not) and we all know what our individual jobs are and how they complement each other’s to maximise our success. There are no big egos, politics or power grabs going on – we left all that behind in our previous careers. And that is what makes it work well. A team of people who are good at what they do, like each other, trust each other and have a common set of goals and values.

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