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2020 has seen unprecedented challenges across the globe in the areas of information security and privacy.

2020 has seen unprecedented challenges across the globe in the areas of information security and privacy. Organisations and supply chains across all sectors are moving rapidly to protect themselves against increasing threat levels to ensure business continuity and stakeholder confidence moving into the new year.

Capitalising on its expertise in the area of business resilience, has identified opportunities emerging from the impact of this increased activity. It continues to build upon its product and service to meet the demands of its partners and customers in the rapidly accelerating global information security landscape.

2020 Growth

Throughout its growth in 2020, has been primarily aimed at supporting organisations seeking to build an information security management system (ISMS) to achieve certification to the internationally recognised standard ISO 27001. With this standard quickly becoming a must-have for global business, organisations looking to remain competitive are seeking additional ways of demonstrating a robust information security posture.

In response to the forecast of increased demand, has implemented a new team called Services Development and Delivery. This team will oversee the further development of the platform to accommodate a range of complementary security frameworks and data privacy standards that can be easily activated in tandem with ISO 27001. This team is also on hand to act as support for partners and customers who may find their resources lacking at various points in their information security journey.

Though always evolving, is committed to maintaining the platform as the simple and intuitive tool its partners and customers love to use. For those who prefer to go it alone on their compliance journey, features like the in-platform video explainer series ‘Virtual Coach’ will remain and be augmented with new content. But the optional service wrap of help from in-house experts is now available for any partners or customers who find themselves with temporary gaps in capacity and discipline to meet goals, as well as any capability or confidence issues around ISO 27001 or any of the complementary standards and frameworks.

Whether simply using the platform or periodically taking advantage of the additional support services to ensure the fastest and most secure route to compliance, users of will be well-positioned to adopt a strong post-pandemic information security posture to win new business in 2021.