Cow Corner Invests in Ingenuity


Ingenuity is the go-to business for all participants of the marketing services sector who are looking to grow. They sit at the heart of the industry and connect brands and agencies.

The marketing services industry is competitive, and agencies are always looking for new ways to win business. Ingenuity is often the go-to for any agency who want to build relationships with exciting brands who need their help.

Specialising in connecting brands and agencies, Ingenuity have become a ‘must know’ business for both agencies and brands. The deep relationships and breadth of data which ingenuity hold means they are perfectly placed to match the skills of an agency and to the needs of a brand.

Having worked with thousands of different brands and agencies across the world, their reputation precedes them. Over the past five years they have been going from strength to strength and we are thrilled that Chris and the team have joined the Herd.