PCS acquires DepenSys and ResHub


PCS has invested in two innovative businesses improving the lives of everyone living and working in care

Person Centred Software have acquired the market leading leading dependency and staffing tool for care homes DepenSys and the market leading resident engagement platform ResHub

What is DepenSys?

DepenSys is an innovative web-based dependency system backed by more than 35 years of research that enables care providers to quickly and accurately identify the specific needs of each resident, convert these needs into the necessary time and skills required to meet them, and then compare the suggested staffing levels with the actual levels.   

Helping to ensure residents receive the care and support they need while allowing care providers to optimise their staffing levels and resources, the system also demonstrates how the service is staffed in compliance with the Care Quality Commission in England, the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, the Care Inspectorate Wales, and other regulatory bodies requirements. 

The addition of DepenSys to our Connected Care platform will enable care homes to give the right care to their residents based on their needs, predict their staffing needs accurately and provide inspectors with the best possible documentation for assessing staffing needs. We're very excited about being able to further deliver on our mission of enabling the best possible care to all our customers.

— Johan Jardevall, CEO at Person Centred Software

What is ResHub?

ResHub is an innovative modular platform that allows users to select modules that match their needs for the day while also providing the ability to adjust and adapt for future organisational changes. 

The business operates globally and serves customers from the UK, USA and Australia. It was founded in 2020 by Sean McLoughlin and Neil Hosey, both of whom have a background in health and age tech. Together, they have led academic research with the goal of improving outcomes for older adults, which inspired them to create ResHub and pursue their vision.

At Person Centred Software, our core focus is to improve the lives of residents in care through the software we provide care organisations with. ResHub delivers products that directly impact the wellbeing of the person in care and their loved ones. We are very excited to introduce these products to our customers and are confident most care organisations will see the benefits immediately

— Johan Jardevall, CEO at Person Centred Software