About Dayshape
Joined herd 2023
Professional services software

Dayshape provides AI-powered resource management software to professional services firms around the world.

Dayshape helps professional service firms boost utilisation and profitability by providing a budgeting, resourcing and reporting tool all in one place. Its expertise in audit and accounts provides tailored workflows and roll forwards with the resource manager in mind. This saves time for them and the chargeable staff who use them. It supports some of the worlds largest firms, across multiple geographies and service lines.

Customers choose Dayshape as it offers: 

·       Real-time visibility of what each employee is engaged on and is planned to be engaged on; 

·       Resourcing, budgeting and reporting all in one place; 

·       Assisted and automated scheduling (with the help of AI and machine learning); and 

·       Tailored workflows, including automated controls on financial governance and regulatory requirements 

Andrew's Story

Andrew founded Dayshape with a long term friend Alastair. After working as a Chartered accountant for the early part of his career, he decided that the professional services industry needed help solving the pain of resource management.

Founder & CEO @ Dayshape

Andrew Bone

Andrew graduated with a First-class degree in Computer Science from St Andrews University. This led to his first job as a software engineer. It was there he met Dayshape co-founder, Alastair Andrew. Bone went on to train as a Chartered Accountant, working with PwC and RBS. Alastair went back into academia to pursue a PhD in combinatorial optimisation, an area with applications in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Andrew and Alasdair remained friends. Over a pint in 2013, Andrew convinced Alasdair to launch a start-up focused on taking AI and optimisation techniques from academia, and wrapping them in a product which would allow people in the real world to benefit. Professional services was a sector Andrew knew well, including first-hand familiarity with the pain of “resource management”.

Together, and with a growing team of PhDs and software engineers, they built what is now known as Dayshape.

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