About Ingenuity
Founded 2004
Joined herd 2022
Professional Services for the Marketing sector

The marketing services industry is competitive, and agencies are always looking for new ways to win business. Ingenuity is the go-to for any agency who want to build relationships with exciting brands who need their help.

Specialising in connecting brands and agencies, Ingenuity have become a ‘must know’ business for both agencies and brands. The deep relationships and breadth of data which ingenuity hold means they are perfectly placed to match the skills of an agency and to the needs of a brand.

Having worked with thousands of different brands and agencies across the world, their reputation precedes them, and they are going from strength to strength. The 2022 acquisition of The Future Factory has helped Ingenuity to cement itself as the market leader.

Chris' Story

Chris Kemp set up the company 14 years ago, when he was just 25. Today, Ingenuity has a team of nearly 150, all working to match world-famous brands with marketing agencies.

Founder & CEO @ Ingenuity

Chris Kemp

What I’ve learnt: Chris Kemp, CEO at Ingenuity

Chris Kemp set up the company 14 years ago, when he was just 25. Today, Ingenuity has a team of nearly 150, all working to match world-famous brands with marketing agencies.

Ingenuity offers seven new business services – namely lead generation, agency recommendations, content, PR, brand partnerships, events and insight. Chris has led the organisation since its inception, creating a positive work culture and helping achieve bigger and better things for Ingenuity.

Which single daily habit or practice could you not do without?

Seeing my girls in the morning. I love to start my day by making sure I have some quality time with them before I jump on the Northern line.

What’s been your luckiest break?

Being at the right place at the right time. Before Ingenuity, I was working for a new business agency and due to their mismanagement, it went under. I was able to use this to my advantage.

I had a close relationship with the clients there and they trusted me. Off the back of this I was able to take a business out of administration and create Ingenuity, taking many of my clients with me and strengthening my contact base. Basically, timing is everything, but also spotting the opportunity and not being afraid to take the risk is key.

What’s your best failure

Trying to set up a PR business that wasn’t close enough to the core of Ingenuity. It was a separate arm to the business entirely, sitting under the brand of Acuity. It felt very much like two separate teams, so in 2018 we rebranded Acuity and changed the focus and management to Ingenuity PR. This was a great step for the whole of the business, as we created an integrated offering for our clients and also improved our culture as a whole.

What is the best investment you’ve ever made, either financial or time?

People. The best investments, and those that I would never ever regret, are the team members I employ.

At Ingenuity, we hire a lot of junior members who stay and grow with the business. Many of our team leaders joined the company when it was still in its early stages. For example, our Managing Partner, Duncan Wood, has been part of the team since 2009.

I pride myself that people don’t just come and go, they work their way up through the business. I want to give others the opportunity I had, in order to stay and progress through the company.

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