About The Learning People
Founded 2010
Joined herd 2021

The Learning People is a leading provider of education services focusing on the IT and technology sector. With more than 25,000 students globally, The Learning People helps young people of all skill levels.

The Learning People helps adults and school leavers obtain new careers through supplying self-funded, customised IT learning pathways (typically in coding, cyber security and other IT fields) and providing mentoring, counselling and guidance to support job and apprenticeship applications.

The addition on Accounting CPD at the end of 2021 means The Learning people can now support accountants through their career.

Pat's Story

I founded The Learning People in 2010 to provide Career ready education for people wanting to change their lives

Founder @ The Learning People

Pat Aylmer

I came to the UK 15 years ago with an Australian corporate, and identified that there was a real market opportunity to provide online learning courses to help people to obtain IT and Project Management qualifications that allowed them to change their career and ultimately improve their lives. I felt I had the confidence to take a risk on this opportunity and founded the Learning People in 2010 to provide “career ready education”. From there it grew, allowing us to start trading in Australia and New Zealand in 2018. The process of supporting people to back themselves and change their lives has been enormously rewarding, along with developing my own team many of whom have worked and grown with the business right from the start. Partnering with Cow Corner has allowed my family to return to Australia where I still support the business

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