About Outset
Founded 2002
Joined herd 2022
HR Services

Outset provides a unique blend of outsourced HR, Employment Law and H&S services, helping its clients to manage its employee relations whilst maintaining legal compliance.

Managing a workforce is becoming more complex and difficult for small and medium sized businesses. Outset keeps its clients compliant with regulation, is ready to respond to issues as they arise, and supports in improving the work environment to keep its client’s people safe, happy, engaged and productive.

The addition of Corinthian Benefits in 2023 extended the service offering to support clients with its employee benefits packages, focusing on improving the financial wellbeing and retention of their people. Outset will continue to grow out its suite of services to further help its SME clients with all their people-related needs.

Jonathan's Story

I founded Outset in 2002 with the goal of delivering HR and Legal services better than the leading law firms which I had worked in for all my life.

Founder @ Outset

Jonathan Gauton

Whilst working as a senior partner in a leading law firm, I had the belief that HR and legal services could be delivered using a different and better approach. Fed up with stuffy suits and hierarchy, unknown legal fees and unnecessary legal jargon, I founded Outset in 2002. We created a range of services to meet the needs of modern businesses, putting clients at the very center. For the past 20 years we’ve been challenging the status quo of the traditional professional services industry.

In 2022 I decided that a partner was needed to take the business to the next stage of its growth story. I got to know Cow Corner over the course of two years, it was clear that they understood my business and vision and brought the necessary skills in scaling a business to help us get there. I continue to be involved with the business as a shareholder and Chairman, and I’m very excited to see where we can take Outset.

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