About Software Consulting Group
Founded 2020
Joined herd 2024
Specialist Software Consulting

The Software Consulting Group (“SCG”), trades through its brands NETbuilder and TSI, they are leading providers of technology transformation solutions.

NETbuilder is a leading provider of digital solutions, software, consulting and managed services. They work across multiple sectors, with specialist expertise in the financial, government and commercial markets. Since 1999, they have been providing end-to-end solutions across Digital Delivery, Development and Technology. At their core, they are a Digital Transformation consultancy.

The Software Institute (TSI) is a hire, train, deploy businesses. They deliver expertise within world-leading vendor technologies, the current dominating cloud-based vendors and emerging technologies.  Their passionate, multi-disciplinary team will work collaboratively with you to uncover key business objectives and outcomes for your; Cyber, Data, Cloud and Software Engineering needs.